Being thankful for your healthcare staff shouldn’t only happen around Thanksgiving. But this time of year is a good chance to reflect on gratitude and develop programs that you can use all year to show appreciation to your nursing or administrative staff. It is no mystery that jobs in healthcare, from nursing to administration, are stressful so thankfulness can go a long way. If you’re looking for some great ways to demonstrate how thankful you are, these are the 4 tips for you.

Say the Words

How often do you actually say, “Thank you,” to your staff? Probably not as often as they’d like, or as much as you should. Simply thank them whenever they do a great job or help you with an additional task. Go out of your way to say thank you during daily interactions. This will also demonstrate how to build a culture of gratitude in your facility. A thankful environment is a positive and productive one.

Mail a Note

Your staff, especially nurses, work long and difficult hours. They may not be able to fully relax at home either because of family obligations or chores. Brighten their day by sending a handwritten thank you note to their home address. Everyone loves mail. Make it personal and let them know how much you value them. Keep cheerful stationary at your desk and when you feel compelled, send one out.

Help Out

You weren’t always a manager. Chances are, you’ve done some of the work yourself over the years. When you need to, or can, offer your assistance with day to day duties to show that you understand what they do and want to help out. This will also help you keep tabs on what your department is responsible for on the job and help you appreciate them better.

Pay it Forward

It isn’t happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy. Gratitude is about more than just being thankful in the moment. Thankful people feel joy when they pass their gratitude on to others. Encourage your team by paying kindness forward in the facility. This kind of culture can become infectious, but in the right ways. It will help your staff as well as patients.

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