While the holidays should be a time of good cheer, the pressures of making everything perfect can have exactly the opposite effect. Add to that the depression that often comes with the middle of winter and it is no surprise that many of your employees may be affected by stress or burnout this time of year.

They have increased demands from their families and work may be the last thing they want to deal with. So, how can you help your stressed out staff enjoy this most wonderful time of the year?

Talk to Them

There is one sure-fire way to find out if your staff is stressed. Ask them. They may be exhibiting behaviors that indicate stress but they aren’t likely to come right out and say it. IF you suspect that stress is overwhelming, talk to them about it. Check in with them to see how they’re doing and what they might need to make things better.

Look for Common Signs

Are they taking excessive sick days around this time of year? This could be seasonal depression, actual illness, or simply their desire to not be at work. They may also be irritable and have extreme responses to things that cause low level stress. If they procrastinate or become negative, these are also signs of burnout during the holidays.

Show, Don’t Tell

If you want to demonstrate a stress-free holiday season to your employees you need to live it, too. When they see you stressed around this time of year it will be no wonder that they will do the same. Lead by example. Help out in the office when you can. Don’t show your seasonal stress or act burned out. Don’t take excessive time off during the holidays either.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Now that you know what you’re looking for, what can you do to help? Hold meetings, but not excessively. You just want to check in but don’t make the meeting the time waster itself. Praise them for a job well done. Provide ways to celebrate in the office with office decorating contests or pot lucks. If you can, give each staff member an extra half day off to help with holiday errands. They will be less likely to call in sick.

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