You may think that you’re a shoe-in for that internal interview, but experience has shown plenty of candidates that this isn’t the case.

The way you interview, even in your own organization, will set the tone. Within a medical environment there may be additional considerations, such as your skills and the requirements for the job. Before you go into your next internal interview, you may want to consider these techniques that can help you ace the interview and get the job.

Leverage Your Experience

You already work for this company or facility, but that doesn’t mean that the new manager understands your work style or experience. Treat this interview just like any formal interviewing process at any new organization. The biggest difference is that you can show how your experience within the company will help you learn quicker on the job. Don’t forget to have your current supervisor put in a good word.

Demonstrate Your Accomplishments

You still need to share your accomplishments with the new manager to show them why you’re the right candidate to hire. And, of course, you shouldn’t embellish them because the information would be far too easy to verify. Use data to show what you have accomplished in your current role. This will help the new manager make a decision using real facts, not just gut instinct.

Know What Problem You’re Solving

Every newly opened position is a problem that needs solving. If someone left the department or the company time is critical before production and money are lost. If this is a new role, what is the reason for adding it? If you know what problem you’re solving you can position yourself as the right answer.

Be Yourself

Lastly, there is no reason to pretend to be something you’re not especially in this situation. Even if you’ve never worked with this department before they will have easy access to others who have. Present your genuine self and demonstrate that you can work well within any department in the organization.


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