Is your interview process the best it can be? No matter how well-oiled your machine is there will always be snafus that will affect the way your team works together. Most often this comes from hiring the wrong person and then having to start the process over again. You can generally tell a bad hire within the first 90 days, but it shouldn’t have to take that long. A post-interview review, even after successful interviews, can help you continue to refine your process and improve the way you make hiring decisions. Here are some ideas you can implement today.

Interview by Committee

No candidate should be interviewed by only one person in the process. The reason for this is because everyone will interact with this new employee on the job so you need to ensure that everyone meshes properly. Have them meet with the hiring manager, the supervisor, and at least one or two team mates to fully understand how they will fit in with the company.

Create an Interview Scorecard

Everyone who meets a candidate should have access to the same general questions. The answers and the interviewer’s impression should be written on this document so that when it comes time to make a decision that you are comparing all of the same qualities rather than simply using your gut feeling.

Review the Notes for Each Candidate

Often it is easy to remember the first and the last candidate but the ones in the middle get lost in the shuffle. If the best candidate was number three out of five they might not have a fair shake. When you’re reviewing the scorecards put equal weight on every candidate.

Share Thoughts on the Experience

Once you’ve made a hiring decision take time to talk to everyone involved in the process to see what can be improved or handled better. Is the new employee still with your company after 90 days? Talk about successes. If not, talk about what you could do to make turn over less of a problem.

Do you have questions about your interview process?

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