Are you overqualified?

No candidate likes to believe these words when they hear them from potential employees but you have to be honest with yourself. Are you applying for jobs that you would have been able to do earlier in your career? This is perfectly okay but you need to know how to answer when you’re being interviewed. Here are some ways to respond to concerns about your qualifications for your next medical interview.

I am not the same as other overqualified candidates.

Let’s face it, you’ve worked with overqualified people in your previous jobs who were a nightmare. Let the interviewer know your experiences and commiserate. Tell them you understand that some people aren’t able to function this way. If you can understand why they don’t normally hire overqualified medical employees you have a chance to convince them that you’re different.

I’m focusing on work I love.

You may have a really good reason for wanting to stay with a specific job. Perhaps a higher level job didn’t provide you with the work/life balance you need. Maybe you tried a management position and realize you prefer to be in the trenches. Whatever the case make your reason for wanting this job as positive as possible.

I want to make your staff look good.

Being overqualified isn’t a problem if you use your skills to make your manager look great for hiring you to do this job. The manager is accountable for their department and they need to demonstrate to their bosses that they are competent at management. You can go above and beyond your job duties and make the facility more efficient in the long run.

I am not taking this job as a stepping stone.

Understandably the biggest concern when it comes to hiring someone who is overqualified is that they will get bored and want to leave the position. You need to ensure they don’t think this about you right from the beginning. Demonstrate your loyalty in previous jobs to show that you are not someone who job hops.

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