During your hiring process you review potentially hundreds of resumes and narrow that down to just a few for a phone screen. The phone screen is intended to narrow the field down even more to three or five people to bring in for an interview. Of course, there is only one job so how do you know when to say no to qualified candidates. When you’re struggling to make a decision here are some things to keep in mind.

If their qualifications match but personality does not.

In a medical environment it is exceptionally important that everyone work well together to ensure that the clinical aspect runs smoothly. If their qualifications match but they simply don’t have a personality that matches the rest of your team it might be best to move on to the next candidate.

If their salary requirements don’t match your budget.

While it is always encouraged to be open-minded in salary discussions there will come a time when a candidate simply asks for too much money. Use as a starting point to determine what your rate of pay should be and to use it to have a solid negotiation with the candidate. If they still won’t budge, it is time to move on.

If you have any concerns about their abilities.

So often companies will say that they saw red flags before making the offer but hoped they would work themselves out over time. They never do. No matter how qualified a person is if there are any red flags about their performance, personality, or professionalism do not offer them the job.

If they react inappropriately to the interview process.

You should establish an interview process. Most companies do an initial phone screen then face to face interviews. Once those are conducted there are discussions about the candidates, references are checked, and an offer is made. If at any point along the way a qualified candidate acts as though your process is inconvenient this could set the tone for them as an employee.

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