It won’t take too long for you to realize you’ve make a big mistake with your last healthcare hire. But why let it take that long at all. There are many places along the interviewing process where you can step back and look out for red flags. One of the most underutilized methods is to get feedback from your current healthcare staff. They may see things that you don’t when it comes to bad habits, poor work ethic, or lacking experience. Here is a way you can listen to your team of healthcare pros when you’re making your next hiring decision.

Conduct Team Interviews.

Group interviews are common and effective. This is an easy way to determine how well a new employee will get along with your existing healthcare staff. You will see how each of your team members interacts with the candidate as well as how they interact with one another. You will be able to get feedback both on expectations and personal interaction.

Discuss the interviews.

After the interviews, have meetings where you can discuss the candidates with your employees. Literally compare notes. If too many people raise a red flag on a particular candidate it may be time to continue to search. The same is true for positive feedback. This will allow you to judge each candidate by the same merits.

Talk about red flags.

If there are any specific concerns about the candidates, take time to address them. Your current healthcare staff may feel like you’re brushing off their concerns but there may be legitimate reasons they feel this way. Discuss these issues, what they mean, if they are a potential problem, and possible solutions.

Create a casual meeting.

After the formal interview, invite your top candidates back for a casual meeting. Have them meet only with their direct coworkers and allow them to be candid. This will be a great way to see how they interact with others on staff when they don’t think they are on trial. You will also get great feedback from your team about how they talk about previous employers and how they problem solve.

Be conscious of complaints.

You should continue to look to your current healthcare team even after you hire the next staff member. If the team comes to you with complaints, take them seriously. They will be working day to day with the new employee and will be able to see better than you do how things are progressing. You may be able to solve a problem before it becomes a distraction.

Are you ready to make a hiring decision?

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