Every expert suggests that you are prepared for your interview with questions of your own to ask. You’ve probably reviewed the website, the job posting, and LinkedIn. You may feel like you already have a good understanding of the organization. So, how do you ask the right questions that demonstrate your interest in the job? Here are four questions that you must ask as a healthcare candidate.

Why did the last person leave this job?

It might not make a big difference, or seem like it would, but you should ask why the position is open. For example, it may be a growth position or it may be that the former employee has moved to another location. However, you can get a lot of feedback by listening to what the employer isn’t telling you. If they’re having a hard time communicating why the position is open, it could be a red flag.

Why do you like working here?

This question is two-fold. First, it gives you an opportunity to humanize the interviewing process. You can get to know the interviewer as more than just a manager but as a person and employee of the organization. The second reason to ask is to find out an insider perspective on what makes this group particularly good to work with.

What can you tell me about the department and manager?

Sometimes the hiring manager doesn’t work directly with your role on the job. They may be part of human resources or the manager of the supervisor. In any case, you should ask them to provide more details on the people with whom you’ll be working for. This will let them know you’re genuinely interested.

What is the next step?

Always close the interview by asking what the next stage in the process is. This reiterates your interest in the position, gives you an idea of what to expect next, and allows you to plan a follow up call at a time that won’t bother the hiring manager. They will appreciate that you are conscientious enough to look forward to the next step in the process.

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