Firing someone is never a pleasant part of any manager’s job.

Regardless of how their ineptitude impacted the overall effectiveness of your department, you never want to be the bearer of bad news. On top of the way you treat the departing employee you need to keep in mind the rest of your team. When they return to work and discover that their co-worker is no longer there how do you break the news to them?

4 Tips for Letting Your Staff Know You’ve Fired Someone

Balance transparency with confidentiality.

Your staff will have questions about their now-missing coworker. It is important that you are able to reduce their fear. However, you also have to protect your former employee as well as your business. Give them as much information as you can without overstepping your boundaries or putting anyone in unnecessary jeopardy.

Focus on ensuring morale.

You should tailor your message to ensuring the rest of your team that you are committed to their happiness on the job. If the fired employee was toxic you can even make sure they understand that their working experience will actually be better moving forward. You want to encourage to people to come to you with problems or ideas.

Make assurances for continued work.

The biggest fear that current employees have when someone is let go from the company is whether or not their job is in danger of being eliminated. Make sure they know that the work has not been affected and that the decision to terminate their former coworker was not related to production.

Reiterate how performance problems are handled.

You also want to make sure they know that you followed proper channels when deciding to terminate their former coworker. There are processes in place to inform employees of performance issues. Assure them that they will be made aware of any performance issues in the proper way and allowed to correct them before they are faced with termination.

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