The information age is here and has changed every industry, including nursing. As a traveling nurse, computer skills may be just as critical as your experience in patient care. While you’re considering your next move as a travel nurse you should also assess your current IT skills and determine what you can do to improve. The better your experience with these technologies the more marketable you’ll be come. Here are the top 4 IT skills you should have.

Information literacy

When you’re traveling to unknown locations the best skills you can have is the ability to find information quickly. This is called information literacy. It is the ability to understand when new information is needed and have the ability to find it, evaluate it, and use it effectively. The advent of the internet and specifically search engines has made this process easier so be sure you know how to navigate a website like Google.

Electronic Records

In today’s healthcare industry much of the information you’ll need for patient care has been digitized. It is more important than ever that everyone within a clinical environment understand how to access, read, and enter electronic records. There are tutorials available online to help you brush up your skills.

Bar Code Technology

Many hospitals today also use bar code technology for their inventory. In order to check medications or equipment out you need to be able to use a bar code scanner properly. If you have not run into this in your previous experience you may want to talk to your local hospital to see if you can shadow a current nurse to learn the process.

Software Navigation

Finally, another general skill that it is good to have is how to maneuver popular software packages that are used in hospital settings. Many people try to follow specific step by step directions rather than learning how the software works intuitively. You’ll find most software packages are easier to use if you’re willing to learn how they work rather than just following steps. Take a course at a local technical school or continuing education program.

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