There is countless advice out there when it comes to discussing salary with a potential employer that it is difficult to determine whether or not the advice is good or bad. Salary is a nuanced conversation so it is important to know how to handle it and when.

For your next healthcare interview what is the best way to bring up salary?

4 Tips to Help You Ace Your Healthcare Interview

Never in the first interview.

There is, in fact, a wrong time to bring up money and that is in the first interview. This conversation should be about discovery. You need to learn about the company, their culture, and the job. They need to learn about your skills and if they’re a match for their environment. Don’t bring up money at this stage. If they do, skip to step 2.

Ask for time to do your research.

When the subject of money does come up, especially if it is very early in the process, don’t be afraid to ask for time to assess the situation. You want to be informed. Many people default to giving them the salary of their last job but in truth this figure has little to do with the new job. Instead, tell them you’d like to do some research and get back to them within 24 hours.

Ask who the right person to talk to is.

Sometimes the hiring manager isn’t the person who makes the final decision regarding salary. If you feel like you’re talking with a middle-person when it comes to salary ask if you can speak directly to the person in charge of planning the compensation packages. You’ll get more direct information than from the hiring manager who is simply repeating what they’re told.

Don’t play games.

Finally, the most important lesson you should take away from the salary negotiation process is that you shouldn’t play games. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t negotiate a salary that matches your worth as a candidate. Rather, don’t negotiate for the sake of negotiating. Be honest and up front about your request and have data to back you up. Don’t let them play games either. Determine your walk-away number and if they’re offer is too low, move on in your job search.

Do you want more tips for negotiating your next healthcare salary?

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