Managing a team of nurses well is one of the most difficult and satisfying jobs in healthcare.

When you are faced with the task of working with a diverse group of individuals and inspiring teamwork and motivation you can make a big impression with the right management styles. Each of your employees will have different needs and a different work style so it is imperative that you are able to effectively motivate everyone who works for you.

So, what are the must have leadership traits for Nurse Managers to get the best performance from their staff?

Establish Accountability

Your staff needs to know that their actions have consequences. This does not mean that you should treat them like students or through micromanagement at all times, but rather you should develop accountability strategies that help everyone perform better. Have them be accountable to each other. Host weekly meetings so everyone can share where they are with any given task or project.

Promote Productivity

Productivity is about more than just accountability. Idle time is not the enemy and when staff members feel like they are being pushed to do busy work they will likely lose motivation because of it. Instead, focus on results oriented work. They should be self-motivated to do what is necessary at all times because they are appreciated for the work they contribute.

Create Excitement

Of course, appreciation is not the only method of encouraging engagement. You want to make the workplace a fun and exciting place to be each and every day. Have surprise parties. Bring in treats. Have fun activities they can participate in from time to time. Your staff should be excited about coming to work each day.

Discourage Negativity

You want to be sure to let your staff know that negativity in the workplace will not be tolerated. Gossip, bullying, and other forms of negativity need to be addressed at the source and stopped before they become a problem. That is not to say people will not have bad days but you can encourage them to talk to you about it before they take it out on their coworkers or patients.

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