Are you in the market to hire medical laboratory assistants for your practice?

How do you know that you have made the right hiring decision? Hiring is an imperfect process and often you have to go on faith that the person you have selected will be a good fit for your organization and with your current team. What are some things you can do to ensure that you have made a good decision?

Our team of skilled recruiters have pieced together 3 tips for hiring medical laboratory assistants to help advance your organization. Let’s get started.

Determine how well they fit in with your existing team.

One of the most critical aspects of new hires that managers often forget is how well this person will get along with and work with the rest of the team. When a new hire does not work out it is usually due to the fact that they do not work well with the other people you already have on staff. During the hiring process, have candidates meet with other members of your team and get their input as well. Talk to the candidates about how they work in a group environment. Match personality traits that will help everyone get along better. This includes their overall work style and shared values.

Always practice your due diligence with their background and references.

Another major mistake that hiring managers make is not following through on reference checks or background checks. These things can help really determine if someone is going to fit in with your organization and work out in the long term. Ask the candidates for reference information and make those phone calls. Try to get past the yes or no answers to really find out how this person works, why they are successful, and whether or not their former managers would consider working with them again.

Partner with a medical staffing agency

One primary reason for a mismatch when hiring medical laboratory assistants comes down to time devoted to pay attention to the details. The office or practice managers usually have more than enough on their plate at any given time that extensive interviews and pre-screening processes are not at the top of their list. By working with a dedicated medical staffing partner who specializes in medical placements you can minimize your participation in the process but still feel good about interviewing only the best candidates before making a final decision.

Looking to Hire a Medical Laboratory Assistant to supplement your current team?

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