Traveling as a nurse is a great way to get fantastic experience both professionally and personally.

When you take on these contracts you expect everything to go smoothly. Unfortunately, nothing in life is a guarantee so what happens when something goes wrong on the road? If an assignment does not turn out like you expected and you are terminated from that job, how do you address it in future interviews?

4 Ways to Ace Your Interview After Being Fired From a Job

Be Honest

It will not do you any good to try to sweep the experience under the rug. You need to be prepared to answer questions about your previous experience including why you left. If you lie, the interviewer will find out during the reference process. This does not mean you cannot focus on the positive. Perhaps say something like, “The facility and the location were not a mutual fit.”

Do Not Point Fingers

What you definitely do not want to do is speak poorly about the management, your co-workers, or the facility where you worked. Always take responsibility for your actions. Speaking negatively about other individuals is an automatic red flag for future employers. Instead take the ownership on to yourself and what lessons you learned.

Focus on Accomplishments

You do not have to dwell on the negative or the fact that you were let go. You have been successful in plenty of previous jobs so take time to focus on those aspects. Talk about the ways you helped previous companies succeed. Talk about time and money you saved, patients you touched, or experiences that were particularly valuable to you.

Sell Your Skills

Lastly, you want to make sure that you sell yourself as a skilled individual for their opportunity. Not every job works out like we expect it to so do not sweat the small stuff. Switch gears to point out how your skills fit in with the job that this employer is hiring for and show them all the ways they would benefit from hiring you instead of your competitors.

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