There are countless reasons you need to be careful when making a new hiring decision.

Will this person interact with other employees as well as patients or the public? Will they be responsible for confidential information? Will they have to make crucial decisions that could impact your practice or the care that a patient receives? Will they be responsible for accurate information that, if entered incorrectly, could cause major problems? While hiring mistakes are bound to happen, there are ways to mitigate your risk.

Key Reasons Your Hiring Process Needs to Be Thorough When Screening Potential Candidates

Inability to Perform at Stated Levels

Resumes can be vague and skills can be overstated. You need to perform all of the due diligence to ensure that the person you’re hiring can do the things they say they can. You should check their references, test their skills, and follow up on all certifications. If you do not complete this process, you may find yourself with someone who is actually detrimental to patient care.

Endangering Patients on the Job

Speaking of being a detriment to care, that is the next level when it comes to making a bad hire in the healthcare industry. It isn’t only patient-facing employees you need to worry about. There are instances at all positions that can cause a problem for patients whether it is to their health or to their finances. Ensure that the person you hire is not only physically trained to handle the worst of scenarios, but is also empathetic and mentally strong enough to work through these instances.

Data Entry Accuracy

When it comes to medical office positions it is most important that your data entry staff is accurate as well as quick. The wrong code or word can lead to long term problems for your patients, your practice, and insurance companies. Data entry can certainly be tested so be sure to make this a concrete part of your hiring process.

Breach of Trust with Confidential Data

Lastly, medical and healthcare employees are often trusted with very personal and confidential information. Not only is it a violation of HIPAA to disclose this sensitive information but it is also a violation of your patient trust. They must be able to trust their healthcare providers and one bad employee can ruin your entire practice.

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