Nearly every week the nightly news shares a story about hackers who have tapped into a secure network to steal personal information.

It doesn’t just affect technology companies. Banks, retail stores, credit card companies, and insurance companies have been the targets of these hackers in recent months. With so many privacy issues to consider when it comes to protecting healthcare information for your patients, how can you preserve the privacy and keep information safe and confidential?

Protecting Data Breaching in the Healthcare Industry

Safe Harbor Status.

This is an agreement between the United States and European Union governments to regulate the handling of personal data. Companies collecting data need to let people know about the process, what is happening to the data, and their protections. Security must be provided and compliance must be ensured.


The safest way for online data to be protected is through encryption. This is a process where digital data is converted into another form which can only be read and interpreted by trained individuals. It’s common for hackers to spend their days doing everything in their power to breach this encryption code, so it is essential to make sure you hire the proper company to ensure your data remains encrypted and safe.


When it comes to medical data, the most important protection is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It was designed to protect the private data of healthcare patients which also helped them keep and retain insurance coverage. All of your patients will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they understand how HIPAA affect them and their rights.

Data breach laws.

There are a number of laws currently on the books and proposed that will continue to increase the protections of patients when it comes to their personal data. Entities are required to let their customers know when a data breach has occurred and this notification must be in writing. It may also provide details of the breach and what the organization will do moving forward.


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