Encouraging teamwork is important for any type of business but sometimes it is overlooked in medical facilities. However, a medical staff needs to be on the same page in order to provide the best possible care for patients. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the quality of patient care and the satisfaction with their experience can be directly related how empowered the medical staff feels at their job. As part of the management team how can you strengthen the team bond among your medical staff? Here are four ways that you can implement starting now.

Trading Places on the Job

Sometimes the best path to understanding is allowing everyone to spend some time walking in each other’s shoes. Create job shadowing or trading places events where members of your staff can see the day to day operations of other aspects of your facility. This will help them have more empathy when dealing with issues or making requests.

Monthly Social Meetings

Very few things beat a pizza party or ice cream social. These are lessons we learned in elementary school and we shouldn’t abandon them just because we’ve grown up. Have a meeting once a month where your staff can drop in, get free food, and socialize with others.

Encourage Employee Feedback

Teamwork can also be facilitated with an open door policy and good communication issues. Encourage your staff to provide both good and bad feedback to you on a regular basis. If an issue is brought up, address it immediately. Allowing bad feelings to fester will quickly destroy any team bonding that has already taken place.

Focus on Enjoyment

Never forget to have fun. Even if you do host monthly socials to encourage bonding, don’t try to be all business the rest of the time. As long as care is not being affected, allow your team to have fun while they work. Music, decorating, and other fun activities should be sanctioned and encouraged.

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