Graduation day is quickly approaching and for the class if 2015 that means it is time to start thinking about what next. If you’re like most students you’ve been evaluating your options or maybe you’ve known what you’ve wanted to be since you were a kid. No matter how prepared you think you are there are several things you can do to help give yourself an advantage in the post-college marketplace. Here are three things you should be doing before graduation day to prepare for employment.

Talk to your career services counselor.

Your university or college’s career services office is designed to help you navigate the working world before you even graduate. Take advantage of these services to get the best out of your education. They will be able to help you with internships or job shadowing before you graduate to give you a better idea of what certain jobs will be like. Colleges typically partner with a number of companies in the area to provide job listings to students. They can help with interviewing techniques and resume writing. Many students often overlook this benefit of their college career, but it can be extremely helpful in the long term.

Learn to network and start practicing.

Networking, even for medical professionals, is an important aspect of any job search. Learning networking skills can help you find your next job, meet mentors in your community, or just learn great communication skills that can benefit you later in your career. Start online by joining LinkedIn and finding connections. Attend mixers and events sponsored by your school and branch out to events in your community. Develop a short “elevator pitch” so you can quickly describe what you do to any new connections. Even the shyest job seekers can benefit from networking.

Build your personal brand.

You’ve probably heard others talk about creating a personal brand and wondered if it applied to you. Most people associate personal branding with career fields that are flashy or have extremely high competition. However, every professional can benefit from creating a brand that can help sell their skills to potential employers. Whether your focus is on support or clinical assistance you can create a website, start a blog, and network on social media. Today’s job market is really centered on these aspects of communication.

Are you graduating soon and looking for a great new job to kick start your career?

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