It seemed like winter might last forever, but now summer is quickly approaching. Do you generally have a need for additional medical staff in the summertime? Seasonal hiring is common among a variety of industries and healthcare often benefits from short term assistance. Hiring temporary employees doesn’t always follow the same process as permanent employees so here are some things to keep in mind as you kickstart your season hiring for the summer.

Determine your overall needs.

Before you start interviewing, it is important that you know what you want and why you need it. Review the aspects of your facility that will need additional help seasonally and create a plan. Use this as a template to direct your hiring so you don’t find yourself with the wrong people in the wrong places.

Determine your budget.

Of course, in order to create a reasonable seasonal hiring plan you need to know how much you can spend during this period of time. Review your budget with human resources and accounting to determine the numbers. When you’re working on the hiring portion understand how this budget will be distributed.

Understand the classification of temporary workers.

Before you start hiring people to help out it is essential to know how to classify employees. Temporary employees are different from independent contractors and different employment rules apply. If you have any questions about hiring categories, talk to a human resources professional to learn more.

Know your responsibilities.

There are also some additional concerns when it comes to your responsibility in managing and supporting temporary staff. How will you handle the payroll? What equipment will you need to supply? What are the tax implications of hiring short term medical employees?

Partner with a staffing specialist.

The best way to navigate the world of short term seasonal hiring is to consult with a staffing company that specializes in medical placements. They will understand all of the requirements, have a pool of skills employees to choose from, and will handle all of the back office support for their placements.

Looking to hire temporary medical staff this summer?

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