Laughter is truly the best medicine. When it comes to high stress healthcare environments it is critical that your staff is able to let off steam and enjoy themselves from time to time. So how can you lighten the mood for your medical staff without compromising your team’s ability to do their job? Here are four ideas you can implement starting today.

Games and entertainment.

Some of the most popular ways for employees to relax and enjoy themselves while they’re working is to provide games or other forms of short term entertainment that can take their mind off their work for just a few moments. Put a foosball table in the break room. Provide an arcade machine. To promote their use, set up tournaments for your employees.

Free food.

The offer of food always gets to the root of people’s joy instincts. Free pizza on Fridays is always a winner. Or you can host an ice cream social. Cater breakfast in once in a while or buy dinner for your late night crew. Free food appears to be a universal language. Whatever the case is, be sure to provide free food once in a while and you’ll be sure to see smiles on your medical staff’s faces.

Employee retreats.

If you want your employees to get out of the facility every once in a while, employee retreats are a good way to promote team building and encourage them to engage outside of the office. Plan a weekend getaway with fun events that your entire staff can participate in that will enhance their productivity and keep them engaged. Just make sure the event doesn’t feel like a requirement.

Wellness programs.

Many busy professionals, especially in the medical field, feel like they don’t have time to maintain their own health. To help facilitate this, offer wellness programs in your building. Replace your snack machines with healthy choices and bottled water. Bring in a yoga teacher occasionally to show your staff relaxation techniques and yoga poses they can do throughout the day.

Are you looking for more ideas to boost your employees’ productivity?

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