It is important as a travel nurse to understand the current salary trends, bonuses, and benefits that you can expect while you’re working. Having the most up to date information in 2015 is essential and can make the difference between a good job and a great one. So what can you expect as a travel nurse this year? What is the current salary information that you need to know?

Bigger salaries than traditional nurses.

In general, travel nurses can expect higher salaries than traditional nurses due to the nature of the job. Travel nursing jobs are typically short term and require living in a new city or state for a specified period of time. Because of this, travel nurses may see around 15% more take home pay than a permanent nurse.

Salaries depend on state.

Just like with any job, the location of the assignment will affect the amount you will make while working. For example, it is currently expected that a travel nurse in New York could make around $80,000 annually. A travel nurse in California can expect $72,000. Travel nurses in Middle America might see annual salaries of $58,000 in Kentucky or $49,000 in Nebraska, for example.

Various specializations for travel nurses.

Of course, location isn’t the only factor when it comes to determining the salary of a travel nurse. Many have specializations that can earn them more money for a specific job. The national average for an ambulatory nurse is around $60,000 while neo-natal intensive care nurses can see an average of $64,000 annually. When you determine both the location and the specialization this can greatly impact the earning opportunities.

Travel and living costs.

Of course, the salary isn’t the only place money comes in to play for a travel nurse. They will also need to be compensated for travel and housing. Some travel nurse agencies also provide a per diem to cover some of the cost of day to day living. Talk to your recruiter about the travel and living costs that they provide.

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