There are few instances more critical for employee onboarding than for temporary medical professionals. At all levels these employees will be trusted with a large number of duties that can directly or indirectly affect the care your patients will receive. How do you ensure that every employee understands their role, understands the company, and will contribute to the best of their ability? Here are some tips for your new medical staff onboarding process.

Tour of the facility.

When you bring on a new medical staff member, start out with a tour of your facility. They shouldn’t only see the spaces where they will be working but also the rest of the building, community areas, and other important locations. This will give them a sense of place and a comfort level navigating the building.

Ensure they have the tools they need.

Far too often organizations do not have a work space properly prepared for a new employee. If they need a computer, a phone, or any office supplies make sure they have this at their disposal before they start. There is nothing more frustrating that arriving on your first day and having to wait to accomplish anything. Before they arrive, ensure this process is complete.

Assign a mentor.

Pair your new staff member with a trusted employee who can show them the ropes. This person will not only train them on their day to day duties but will also be a go-to person when it comes to any other questions or concerns that come up during the process. The mentor will be someone that they can approach with questions throughout their assignment.

Encourage immediate follow up.

Far too often the biggest disconnect in new employee onboarding is the fact that most managers will wait until the 90 day review before sharing any feedback on the employee’s performance. Instead, be sure to follow up with the new employee regularly. Correct any errors and be sure to praise good performance. Ask your employee to provide feedback about the onboarding process as well.

Are you ready to bring temporary medical professionals into your facility?

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