So you want a career in travel nursing but don’t know where to start?

Traveling while working as a nurse can be a rewarding career experience so it is important that you set out to participate in the right ways. How do you find jobs around the country? How are you paid? What kind of additional bonuses do you get? How do you navigate the experience? One of the best resources is a specialized recruiter. Here are some of the advantages to working with a recruiter when you’re considering a job as a travel nurse.

Career advice and placement assistance.

When you work with a specialized staffing service to help you with your job search you will be able to work with recruiters who understand your specific needs and the needs of their client facilities. They will work with you to help you determine what you want to do and the best places for you to work. When it comes time, they will facilitate your travel nurse placement.

Assistance with your resume.

Resumes are not as easy as putting your name and phone number on a page and listing all of your previous jobs. Your recruiter will know what each of their clients is looking for and can help you put together a resume that will attract the hiring manager’s eye. They can work with you to determine the right mix of skills, experience, and accomplishments to showcase your abilities.

Interview preparation.

Research and preparation are essential before you set foot in your first interview with a new potential employer. While you can research the facility online and learn as much as you can on your own, your recruiter is also an excellent resource for this insider information. They can help you better prepare for your first meeting so you can land the job.

A job advocate.

While you’re working your travel nursing assignment you will transition your relationship with your recruiter. They will now become your advocate on the job. If you have questions, concerns, or problems you can discuss them directly with your recruiter and a solution can be determined.

Preparation for your next location.

Once a travel assignment is complete, you will once again be able to turn back to your recruiter for the next opportunity. Travel nursing is often temporary by nature so it is not uncommon for you to need assistance with another role and your recruiter will be able to share their experience of working with you to their next client.

Are you looking for your next traveling nursing opportunity?

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