Do you feel like you’re not qualified for the jobs you want to apply for? What you may not realize is that you really do possess these skills even if you don’t know it. Some people call them transition skills or transferable skills. Here are 4 skills you probably didn’t even realize you had but could help you land your next healthcare job.


Regardless of the job you’ve had in the past you were responsible for some level of communication. You need to leverage your success in this arena in relation to the job that you want. How did your specific communications skills help Looking for an Exciting Employment Opportunityyour company improve their bottom line? How can you use this to transition to your next career within the healthcare industry.


In the healthcare field, safety is an important topic. Regardless of the career you had before, what were instances where safety came in to play? How did you handle it? If you can effectively communicate how safety is important to you and how you can learn to incorporate it into a healthcare job, you will have an advantage. This could be anything from patient safety to privacy.


Good managers are hard to find and you don’t always have to have the skills you’re managing to be great at it. Some of the best healthcare managers came from other industries. You just need to be open to learning about your team’s experience and how to help each member excel at what they do.


Organization is essential in the medical industry. If you’ve done any level of administrative work before you wanted to transition, you’ve got good record keeping experience. Demonstrate how you’ve done this in your past jobs. You should also learn as much as you can about the methods used in the healthcare industry to ensure everything is organized and thorough.

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