The holidays can be damaging to anyone’s health goals. Cookies, alcohol, candy, and rich meals are everywhere. After the season is over many people turn to their New Year’s resolutions to kick start a weight loss or exercise program. Your organization can facilitate this and create a wellness program for your healthcare staff in 2015.

4 Points to Consider When
Evaluating Your Health and Wellness Initiative

Offer stress management.

Burnout can be common in the healthcare industry. Many individuals become overwhelmed and stressed out. Offer programs within the facility that can help people manage their stress responses. Hire a stress management coach or counselor. Offer massage therapy or yoga classes.

Enforce time off.

Especially for healthcare workers who care directly for patients, the risk of burnout can be exacerbated by long hours and limited vacation time. Enforce time off for your staff to help them recharge and unwind before returning to the workplace. Value vacation time, don’t let employees feel shamed for taking it, and encourage your staff not to bank hours.

Provide healthy snacks.

Are there vending machines with candy, chips, and soda? While you can’t exactly take these out of break rooms you can help steer your staff to healthier choices. Offer alternatives such as fruit and water. Create a way to motivate your team to eat better on the job to have more energy and build healthy habits.

Provide motivation by example.

The management team of your facility may also be stressed out, not taking enough time off, and making unhealthy food choices. It is imperative that your leadership provide a positive example for your staff for any of these changes to be meaningful. Be willing to pitch in where needed, recognize stellar work and good choices, and offer incentives for better choices.

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