Are you concerned about employee loyalty at your facility? There has been a trend over the last several years, particularly since the economic recovery began, where a large number of employees aren’t staying at companies for long periods. In many cases, some of this is due to job dissatisfaction and a lack of faith in growth opportunities. There also seems to be a different mindset in today’s newest working generation. But there are ways healthcare organizations can combat turnover and create a culture where employees want to work.

4 Tips on Combating Employee Turnover in 2015

Hire right the first time.

Pay specific attention to the factors in your hiring process that work and don’t work. Try not to hire based on gut instinct but rather look at patterns of employee behavior that the candidate seems to possess. You want to hire someone who will be a good long-term fit with your current team and has the skills to work in your facility.

Invest in career development.

Once you have the right team in place, don’t let them become dissatisfied or burned out in their roles. Offer the ability to learn more about your practice, future roles, and their interests. Investing in career development will be much less expensive than hiring new employees when vacancies occur.

Offer benefits and perks.

Evaluate your compensation package, especially the benefits. Are you competitive in the market? Do you offer your employees something that your competition don’t? This applies to particular perks of working for your facility. Maybe you offer wellness programs or the ability to earn additional time off.

Create a culture of trust.

Most importantly, you want your employees to trust you. Don’t micromanage them or impose impossible restrictions. Listen to them when they approach you with feedback about their job, coworkers, or managers. Hire people to do their job and trust them to do it right.

Looking to hire additional employees in 2015?

If growing your workforce is on your 2015 to-do-list, contact the recruiters at Fortus Healthcare Resources. We have the experienced team of recruiters on hand to assist you in your hiring needs.

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