You have been told over and over again that networking is one of the quickest ways to a new career. When you do have names to share, what are the best ways to go about it? Name dropping can backfire as easily as it can succeed. Sometimes the process is easy and you’ll be asked how you found out about the job, but in other cases you need figure out how to suggest it without sounding pretentious.

4 Name-Dropping Tips to Help You Land the Job

Don’t expect an automatic favor.

Don’t assume that mentioning a shared acquaintance will somehow obligate the facility to move you to the head of the class or treat you differently than all the other candidates. You may be able to make a connection by offering the name of someone you have in common, but each candidate will be measured by personal qualifications and the company’s own processes.

Include it in your introductory communication.

Offer the name of your contact in your initial contact with the hiring manager. For example, “Dr. Carnohan suggested I submit my resume for your billing administrator position.” Then go on to explain why you feel you would be a good fit for the specific job.

Utilize other names that can help.

The name you drop doesn’t have to be a shared connection. Maybe you have had positive interaction with someone who is well known in your community but isn’t directly involved with the facility to which you are applying. It is okay to use these names as long as you don’t get too clumsy with it.

Use these names as referrals.

In an interview, you may want to drop these names as you are explaining your experience. For example, if you are calling attention to your patient satisfaction rate, try to refer to a specific Nurse Manager who can confirm that patients were  comforted and satisfied with your care.

Looking for additional job search tips and best practices?

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