Are you in the market for a new job in 2015? If so, have you updated your resume? Before you can begin attracting top employers you have to work on your own personal marketing plan, and the cornerstone of that is your resume. Here is a blueprint you can follow to update your resume today and start looking for that job you want.

Accomplishments With Data.

So often job seekers fall into the trap of listing their functions on a resume in bullet point form. While bullet points are still a good format, the actual content is what needs to be overhauled. You don’t want to list what you did in your last job but how it benefited the facility. Include data such as patient satisfaction, processes and procedures you helped improve, or recognitions you received in the workplace.

Overcoming Obstacles.

It is also helpful for you to spell out how you overcame adversity to succeed in your last role. This is all about opportunities. Future employers want to see that you’re proactive and are willing to face and solve any challenges that are presented to you. Relate this as much as possible with your skills, the job you’re looking for, and the facility’s specific needs.

Promotions or Improvements.

You want to demonstrate that you have the ability to expand the scope of your experience with each new job. If there is no sign of upward mobility or learning new functions it is a red flag for employers. They don’t want to see someone who has remained stagnant in their last several jobs. Highlight new skills you learned on the job.

Education and Certifications.

Along the same lines, you want to show that you take professional development seriously. If the last education listed was your degree the employer may feel that your knowledge is out of date. Instead, show that you have attended classes to improve your skills or taken certification courses to get completely up to date on today’s healthcare technology and techniques.

Looking for an Exciting Employment Opportunity

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