From healthcare providers to administrative support professionals, it is easy to see how the cold winter days in many parts of the country can tempt some people to slow down a bit. As the holidays pass and the weather remains until the first spring thaw, many employees may wish they were anywhere but their workplace.

So how do you motivate your healthcare staff during the short winter days? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Ask for Feedback and Follow Up.

Check on your employees regularly. See how they are feeling, what they need to stay focused, and if there is anything that can be changed to improve performance. Looking for Additional SupportProvide any feedback for corrections that need to be made but don’t forget to offer praise for good work. Employees like feedback so they will continue to remain motivated on the job.

Practice Good Communications Skills.

Feedback is just one form of good management communication. You want to be sure everyone on staff remains informed of any changes, decisions, or policies. Communication can be hard in healthcare environments where everyone is always on the move, but establish a method to keep everyone informed so they know they matter enough to be kept in the loop.

Encourage Teamwork.

Your staff is skilled and competent but this doesn’t mean they should work in a bubble. Establishing a way for your healthcare employees to connect as peers is important to the continued growth and development of everyone on staff. If one person is good at their job, two people are even better.

Provide Tools and Training.

Of course, the healthcare industry is changing rapidly. Technology is making it easier to do day-to-day tasks but not everyone is totally comfortable when handed a new tool. Provide training for new technologies that can help people perform their job more efficiently and more effectively.
We appreciation the contributions of a motivated workforce, and are proud to be a Best Places to Work.

Looking for Additional Resources as Winter Continues?

Contact our team of experienced recruiters for additional support and resources to help motivate your workforce in the upcoming year!

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