Now is a good time to consider all of your annual healthcare organizational goals. Did you meet them or is there still more work to do? Here are some tips on determining if you’ve met your goals and how to accomplish them with time to spare by the end of the year.

Your Budget Objectives

The most important first step is to review finances for the upcoming year and how to control costs for your health system. What was your annual budget overall? What about for continued training? Healthcare administration? Hiring? Next, look at the profits and the ultimate bottom line. What can you do for next year to ensure that your facility or heath system maintains the integrity your patients come to expect?

Your Hiring Objectives

It is very rare that a health system doesn’t need to make staff changes or additions in a given year. What was in your plan for the year when it came to adding or changing caregivers or administration staff? Did you make positive hiring decisions? Did someone leave unexpectedly? Did you need to utilize temporary or locum tenens solutions?

Your Long Term Goals

It is always a good idea to evaluate and re-evaluate your long term goals as a health system. The recession affected healthcare differently than it did other sectors and changes in the Affordable Care Act and retirement of baby boomers are going to affect the industry even more. What is working and what isn’t with your vision of the future? How can you make corrections?

Strategy for Next Year

Finally, it is important to take the lessons, mistakes, and successes from this year into account when planning the next calendar year. Before you get sidetracked by the holidays take some time to review all of this information and put it into notes to review while making the plan for 2015.

Looking for Additional Support in Reaching Your Annual Goals?

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