While we savor the beauty and joy of the holiday season many of us are also looking forward to the coming year. 2015 is poised to be excellent for job seekers and employees. When you’re preparing your goals for the coming year how can you be sure to stick to them and move forward in your career? Here are a few tips for setting your goals for a great New Year.

What do you really want?

The most important factor to consider before you start making adjustments to your job search is what you really want to do. Many people take the path of least resistance and fall back on something they’re good at but don’t necessarily like. This doesn’t have to be the case. Review your goals, inventory your transferable skills, and make a plan.

Be tough.

It is important to be firm with yourself. Don’t be afraid of failure. Those lessons can help you advance your career and move forward. On the other hand, don’t be too tough on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over circumstances you can’t control. Evaluate your situation and determine your best course of action.

Take short term steps for long term growth.

Many job seekers are more concerned with money than experience. However, successful people look at this the other way around. You can take short term steps that will help your career in the long term. Take a job for less money if it gives you better experience in the role you really want to pursue. Look at other factors, such as benefits, when considering a job as well.

Don’t put it off.

Finally, don’t procrastinate. Job seekers can sometimes be their own worst enemy. The end of the year has a reputation for being slow when it comes to hiring decisions, but don’t let this stop you. Sometimes taking initiative in December gives you a better chance and puts you ahead of your competition who are waiting until after the holidays to apply.

Are you ready to boost your job search?

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