For many of us, it’s a tradition to make resolutions for the New Year on or around January 1. It may seem like the ideal time to make a new beginning for ourselves but, if the resolution is a worthwhile change, why wait until January?

We associate New Year with a fresh start, a clean slate. It is a time when many of us are motivated the most. The light is also returning after the darkest days of the year, which is a good boost to morale and it becomes easier to make some positive changes to your lifestyle such as spending more time outdoors or waking up earlier.

If you rely on the idea of a fresh start in order to get things done, unless you have strong willpower, you may lose your motivation to keep resolutions once that initial rush is over. This mentality is what causes people to say ‘I’ll start tomorrow” or next week, but never really get around to doing anything because it seems like there’s plenty of time to spare, or times goes by and then it becomes too late.

The point is… you can start today and be that much closer to your goal NOW. You are not alone and we can help. Don’t wait until January to make that decision Start today. Cheers to your future!

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