The future of online professional networking may already be here with LinkedIn, but where do you think it will take us? Some people believe that online connections will surpass our need for face-to-face networking. Others believe that video interviewing may be the wave of the future. Could your LinkedIn profile replace your traditional resume? Whether or not it does, here are some points to keep in mind.

Your Resume is a Living Document.

Looking for an Exciting Employment OpportunityToo many people make the mistake of not updating their resume while they are employed. When you are on the market for another position you may have to scramble to come up with the pertinent information you need. LinkedIn is an easy way to maintain your professional profile, which is a better habit for all of us. Each time you have a new accomplishment you should add it to your LinkedIn account. Then, when the time does come to look for a new job, you can either direct potential employers to your profile or use the information to update your resume.

LinkedIn is Seen by More People.

More recruiters and professionals are using LinkedIn. Even when you’re not looking for a job, your profile has a good chance of being seen by recruiters who are searching for individuals with your qualifications. A resume won’t get to the proper audience unless you purposefully send it, but a LinkedIn profile has a built-in audience.

Use it to Connect with Others.

Networking is critical for a successful job search. In person is preferred but, when so many people are digitally connected, it seems wasteful to avoid LinkedIn as a source. You can connect directly with recruiters, professionals in your industry or geographic area, look up old contacts, follow companies or join groups.

Looking for Additional Resources for Your Job Search?

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