So, you’re looking to hire new nursing staff for your facility. Where do you start? Did you know that the more educated your nursing staff is, the more money you will save? Hospitals and clinics are dedicated to providing the best care for their patients but, to do that, they need to invest in quality staff. Saving money by hiring under educated nursing staff ends up costing facilities more money in the long run.

Patient Data.

Improved patient outcomes are the single most important aspect of a successful healthcare facility. There is evidence of direct a correlation between the increase of BSN-educated nurses and a reduction in the odds of mortality. Recent studies also show that patients who receive 80 percent or more of their care from nurses with at least a  bachelor’s had nearly 20 percent lower odds of readmission, while shortening the length of hospitals stays.

Controlling Costs.

Reducing readmissions and the length of stays in our nation’s facilities mean a significant cost savings. Not only do patients receive a better quality of care but hospitals and patients save in the cost of treatment. While nurses with a higher education level receive a higher salary than their less educated counterparts, the long-term savings appear to speak for themselves.

Sustainable Solutions.

Changes in healthcare laws and procedures are altering the face of medicine in this country. This means that facilities are exploring new ways to provide better patient care with smarter investments. If a cost-cutting measure is not sustainable there will be long-term challenges within a facility. For too many, one of those solutions had been to hire less educated nurses and pay less, but this is not proving to be sustainable. Hiring highly educated nurses not only provides your patients with better care but saves money over time.

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