Looking for an Exciting Employment Opportunity“Fellow Travel Nurses/RNs looking for new travel assignment, if you are looking for a company and a recruiter that is honest, respectful, attentive to your needs, appreciates you for your hard work, gives you a good pay package, and actually works for YOU, look no further than Fortus Healthcare Resources.

“My recruiter Becky Urtz is the awesomest recruiter I have ever worked with (and let me tell ya, I have worked with a lot). Love love love how she is so on top of everything and how I never ever have to ask/fight for anything.

“If you or someone you know is looking for travel assignment, you should contact her. I promise you will not be disappointed. “I have no personal interest in promoting the company or the recruiter. We all know how hard it is to find a company/recruiter who actually works for you and goes out of his/her way to find you the best assignment possible. And when you finally find one, you want to acknowledge them for the wonderful work they are doing and let other travel nurses know that there are companies out there that are actually fun working for — at Fortus Travel Healthcare Resources.

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