Could there be one tiny step you can take after an interview to improve your chances of getting that job offer? What if we told you that a written thank you note can help you land your next job? While some people send a thank you email after their interview, sending an actual handwritten card could give you an edge.

5 Reasons to Write a
Thank You Note After an Interview


Demonstrate Your Respect for the Interviewer’s Time.

By writing a thank you note you are showing your appreciation for the time the interviewer took to speak with you regarding the job. This is a great way to show your respect for them as the hiring manager.

Stand Out Among Other Applicants.

There are no hard statistics but most experts believe that very few job seekers are sending hand written thank you notes after job interviews. Doing so helps you stand out.

Reiterate Your Specific Skills and Accomplishments.

This also gives you a chance to recap some of what you spoke about in the interview. If you know that one of their biggest challenges is something you can help solve, remind them.

Make Points You Forgot to Mention.

Also, it can give you an opportunity to bring up something that you may have forgotten to mention in the interview. This can help pique the interest of the hiring manager again while they are working through their decision making process.

Provide an Example of Your Written Communication Skills.

Finally, when you hand write a thank you note you demonstrate that you have readable handwriting, can formulate good sentences, and can communicate effectively in a written format.

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