You may think that job references are the easiest part of the process but what if we told you that the right references can make all the difference. Providing the wrong reference can also cost you a dream job. How do you know what references are best to provide to your next potential employer?

4 Tips on Choosing the Right
References to Support Your Job Search.

Pick Someone Who Wants to See You Succeed.

There are plenty of people from your professional past who truly enjoyed working with you. These are the people you want to choose as your references. They believe in you and want you to succeed. Think back about the supervisors and managers who helped you advance your careers.

Pick Someone Who Can Provide Details.

Employers are looking for information about you as an employee. They want to know how you handled the workload, how you interacted with your coworkers, and what accomplishments you had on the job. Someone who only answers yes or no questions won’t provide the level of detail that a hiring manager is looking for. Ask your references if they have time and are comfortable answering detailed questions.

Pick Someone Who Can Handle Tough Questions.

Details are great, but your references should also be comfortable with tough questions. They may need to think quickly when asked about things such as your weaknesses, discipline problems, why you left, or other uncomfortable topics of conversation. The more positive they can be, while still sounding genuine, the better for your cause.

Pick Someone That You Look Up to as a Mentor

You want to engage with other professionals who have something to offer as you mature in your career. Don’t just pick any former boss. Instead, select people with whom you want to cultivate a long term professional relationship. These are the people who can be your advocates throughout your career.


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