One of the luxuries of being a travel nurse is the ability to have complete say in your career: which assignment to take, when you’re going to take time off, when you want to start, and which company to take an assignment through. For a new traveler, it can be overwhelming to have so many decisions to make. Here’s a list of questions to keep in mind, whether you’re learning about a new travel company or speaking to any recruiter about potential assignments.

About the Travel Nurse Company

    • What accommodations are usually provided? Is there an option for flights and a rental car if I don’t want to drive?
    • Where do you get most of your assignments in my specialty?
    • Do you reimburse for licensure?
    • Do I have the option of tax-free stipends? Are you flexible in your pay packages, or are the stipends and pay set up front?
    • What type of insurance is offered? How much does it cost per paycheck? When does the insurance kick in?
    • What is your experience in placing my specialty? Do you have many nurses out with my experience?
    • What are some other benefits offered? (i.e.: 401k, giveaways, referral bonus, sign-on, competition bonus, etc)
    • Is there a nurse who has travelled with your company before I could speak with frankly about their experiences?

About an Assignment

    • Where is the facility? How large is the facility? How many beds are in the unit? How many patients will I be responsible for? What level is the hospital? How high of acuity are the patients? What certifications are needed?
    • Have you had travelers in this unit before? What were their thoughts?
    • What housing options are available in this town/city? Are their options, or is it rural? If travelling with a pet, are their options that are animal friendly?
    • What will the travel reimbursement be if I drive? What will my package look like if I take a rental car? When will I be reimbursed?

While your recruiter will try to provide answers to any questions, there may be some topics that can’t be answered outside of an interview. For the best idea of the scheduling, nurse-to-patient ratio, and day-to-day activities, your interview will be the best time to get the full feel for the unit you’re going to.

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