After your resume has been reviewed, and you’ve made it past an initial screening, your next challenge is the interview. Don’t make the mistake of winging it. An interview is the time when you can impress the potential employer with your presentation, experience, and personality. Here are some tips to make the right first impression during your interview.

  • Dress for success. Your main mission as a job seeker is to present yourself in the very best and professional way. Suits are still very appropriate for job interviews. For men, if you don’t want to wear a suit coat at least choose a button down shirt and tie. For women, keep your outfit conservative with tasteful accessories. Also, skip the cologne or perfume. You never know if someone is sensitive to it.
  • Research the company. Do your homework before you step foot in the office for the interview. Your recruiter can be a valuable resource. Also, look at the employer’s website and the LinkedIn profiles of key players. Learn as much as you can about them and how you can fit in.
  • Prepare for answers. The other thing you need to remember is your own background. Sometimes candidates forget key details when asked specific questions, so prepare before the interview. Again, your recruiter can help you anticipate some of the questions. You can also use online sources to find common interview question and make sure you’re prepared to answer with details.
  • Pay attention to your body language. Finally, a key aspect of interviewing success is body language. Keep in mind the way you sit and the way you make eye contact all convey very specific things about you as a person. Avoid body language that conveys a lack of self-confidence or arrogance. Don’t fidget too much and don’t be overbearing.

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