The dog days of summer are wagging right along.  The sun is setting a little earlier, the last batch of ingredients for S’mores is flying off camp shelves and those highly-anticipated Back to School sales are in full swing.

Pretty soon, students of all ages will begin a new year of learning. Even if you’re not stocking up on notebooks, No. 2 pencils and computer apps, it’s still a good time to rev up your own brainpower.  After all, you’re never too old to learn. It’s also never too late to try something new.

The possibilities are endless; going back to basics, studying up to advance in your current occupation, venturing along a new employment avenue or embarking on a diversion from the daily grind…

Your own situation and interests are unique, so think about what you can do to enhance your career or create new adventures outside of work.

Looking back on your education or career, is there something you would have done differently? We all set goals and try to plan a career path to achieve those goals. But, many of us veer in a different direction. Sometimes, life really is a bowl of cherries. You may have taken time off to raise a family or travel the world. Other times, it could simply be explained as procrastination or you weren’t motivated enough and time slipped away.

Whatever the reason, getting back on your road to riches isn’t as hard as you may think. You just need to hop on the bus again.

Your future awaits you and there are many paths to choose from- Let Fortus point you in the right direction

This article was published in the August newsletter of Fortus Permanent Healthcare Resources.

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