As WKTV NewsChannel 2 reports, due to a shortage of nurses in Florida, Utica College has decided to take its nursing program south to the Sunshine State. Utica College – St. Petersburg will open later this summer.

According to the Florida Center for Nursing, more than 15,000 nursing jobs went unfilled in the state in 2012, and the shortage is projected to continue to grow in the coming decade.

Fortus Healthcare Resources places Travel and Direct Hire nurses throughout the state of Florida. In the NewsChannel 2 story, Vice President of Sales Jeremy Enck explains that the market in Florida is constantly changing. During certain times of the year, there’s a large influx of transient patients. Business noticeably heats up in the winter months for Fortus healthcare clients in Florida and elsewhere in the south.

Enck also notes a national trend: Many RNs, who had previously retired, re-entered the workforce when the recession hit several years ago. Now that the economy is improving and they’re advancing in age, the nurses are retiring again. As Enck points out, more nurses are currently leaving the market than coming in. “It’s a simple supply and demand curve, and it’s not going to stop for a long time.”

Utica College President Dr. Todd S. Hutton says there is so much opportunity for students pursuing nursing careers today, “As our population ages and the demand for nurses grows, it is critical to provide the latest educational advancements required to improve the delivery of health care.”

WKTV NewsChannel 2 is the NBC affiliate in Utica, N.Y.

Watch the story Utica College opening nursing school in Florida in August

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