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Five Highest Paying College Degrees


Despite a soon-to-burst student loan bubble and a stubborn un- and under-employment epidemic plaguing recent college grads, study after study continues to show that, on average, those who earn a post-secondary degree far outpace those who don’t when it comes lifetime earnings.

Here, we’ve taken a look at five degree programs that offer the best —and most profitable—post-graduate employment opportunities.


The addition of millions of previously uninsured Americans to the healthcare system through the passage of the Affordable Care Act, coupled with the aging-while-sick baby boomer population, has created the perfect job-creation storm for those in the healthcare industry. Job security may be considered a thing of the distant past in many fields, but for nurses, employment prospects look bright for many years to come.

“Healthcare is a growing industry, and registered nurses (RNs) with specialized experience are very marketable,” says Sarah Stevens, an account executive with the nurse staffing firm Fortus Healthcare Resources. “People who have just graduated with RN degrees just need to dive in and get their careers started in ICU or medical surgery. In those areas, they will have the opportunity to develop skills in different areas working with patients who have co-morbidities. It is a great place to be when an RN is called with multiple opportunities that they are qualified for. [They] can pick and choose their perfect position, and if they are flexible about relocation, the sky is the limit.”

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The Surprising Career Path Of A Nurse

Western Governors University (WGU) and CareerBuilder recently introduced a new guide designed to help nurses—and those aspiring to be one—excel in their jobs and meet their career goals. The articles in the free PDF guide give you insights on the pulse of the medical industry and today’s hottest healthcare jobs.

Here’s an excerpt from  “The Surprising Career Path Of A Nurse” in the WGU-CareerBuilder Nursing Career Guide

Not Your Typical Office Job

“Nurses are so much more than the usual hospital setting,” says Rebecca Urtz, an account executive at Fortus Healthcare Resources, an agency that places traveling nurses. Urtz points to clinics, doctors’ offices, schools, cruise ships, insurance agencies and consulting positions as places where nurses can be found. Additionally, nurses work in patients’ homes, in the workplace as occupational health nurses, the armed services and even at health spas as aesthetic nurses.

The field also offers opportunities for growth and advancement, including positions in management and administration.

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How to Recruit the Right-Fit Talent in Healthcare

The PreCheck Blog:

Recruiting is about more than just finding qualified people who have the skills and abilities to do the job. It’s about ensuring they’re a good fit, too.

What Does ‘Right Fit’ Mean Anyway?

The concept of “right fit” can be confusing at first, admits Janet Jones, Travel Project Coordinator at Fortus Healthcare Resources. “Right fit is a wide ranging term because each position, client and candidate are unique and pose a variety of challenges that are overcome during the qualifying/interviewing process.”

Identifying what you need out of a position and a candidate will help you narrow down your candidate pool to those who have the potential to fit in quickly and easily upon being hired, says Jones. Knowing what your company stands for can help.

“Recruiting for the right-fit talent is critical because it is about networking and recruiting for the healthcare professional that has the qualifications and experience to be considered for a position that you need to fill, and someone who you feel will represent your organization with their clinical and professional expertise,” Jones explains.

How to Recruit the Right-Fit Talent in Healthcare

Job Search 101 for Nurses

The American Nurses Association Career Center:

Whether you’re looking for your first nursing job or are well established in your career, it’s important to know the basics elements of a successful nursing job search. The first step is being proactive about your career by always staying on the lookout for new experiences and better opportunities, not just when the situation at your current employer becomes unpleasant.

Keep Learning

Don’t ever stop developing your knowledge and participating in training. Doing so will help boost your experience and skills and put you in a better position to get jobs that will advance your career.

Lisa Kapps, a health care recruiter with Fortus Healthcare Resources, agrees. “Nurses who are proactive about developing their careers — through continuing professional development, cross-training when available, attaining advanced certifications and joining professional associations — make themselves more marketable when they begin their job search,” she says. “One great option for nurses is to attend an industry conference where you will be able to meet directly with employers and network with other nurses.”

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