Managing social media for your job search is important for attracting the right employers to your brand and image. Here are a few tips you can follow to improve your social media and boost your job prospects.

  • Google yourself. Many recruiters will Google you so you should do the same. For the best experience, log yourself out of any Google accounts and then enter your name into a fresh browser window. This will give you a taste of what recruiters might see when they search for you.
  • Create Google alerts. To see if anything new pops up on the Internet, set up a Google alert for your own name. If you have a common name, add something else to distinguish you such as your career or your city and state.
  • Delete anything you don’t like. Social media doesn’t have to be forever. Did you post some photos on Instagram that you’re not exactly proud of? Are there status updates on Twitter that don’t fit your personality? Delete anything you don’t like.
  • Review your privacy settings. Facebook and other social media accounts have privacy settings that you should continuously update. If you don’t want potential employers to see your Facebook profile, set everything to Friends Only.
  • Be cautious about new content. Before you post something, think about what it will mean in the workplace. This can be a tweet, a photo, a status on Facebook or a new blog post. Don’t rant about former coworkers or managers, or post potentially offensive comments on a news article. Name-calling and general disrespect will follow you. Stay positive and polite in your online interactions.
  • Delete inactive accounts. All of your social media accounts show up in a search but, if you haven’t used an account for several years, it will look like you aren’t participating. If you started a Pinterest account but never log on to the site, go ahead and delete it. Focus on the few social media sites you do use to create your brand.
  • Create a professional email address. Your email address may get more attention than any other piece of online information. Use something professional. Sending an email to a recruiter with an address of is inappropriate for the job search. Use some combination of your first and last name.
  • Use a tasteful photo. Many online profiles require, or at least strongly suggest, that you upload a photo to the site. On LinkedIn, for example, this may be the first impression a recruiter has of you so be sure the photo is professional and tasteful.

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