Often, we are asked the cost of our services for job seekers. Fortunately, the answer to the question: “how much does it cost?” is “nothing.” However, it is helpful to understand how staffing agencies work before you apply for our open healthcare positions. Here is a look into the way Fortus Healthcare Resources works for you from behind the scenes.

  • No fee for talent. If a recruiter ever tells you that you need to pay them a fee so they can help you find a job, it is time to walk away. Working with Fortus is 100 percent free for job seekers. There is no exception to this rule.
  • No cut of pay. Another false impression is that, even without upfront fees, recruiters receive a cut of employees’ salaries as commission for finding them jobs. This is also not true. The rate of pay for each position is determined by the employer, not Fortus. There will never be a percentage taken away from your paycheck.
  • Client to agency fees. Placement agencies receive their fees through the requesting client. A healthcare facility who is seeking nursing or other staff will approach us with a request and we determine their fee as part of the contract for our services.
  • Additional benefit. Working with Fortus provides you access to employment opportunities that may not be advertised locally.

Are you looking for a healthcare job? Contact Fortus Healthcare Resources, hiring for healthcare jobs throughout the country as well as internationally, to learn more!

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