“So often we get complacent and confined in what seems to be our comfort zone. However, we are not content, and we know there is more for us. It is not just about an increase in pay or better hours. It’s about growth, and opportunities to be more than what you are allowed to be in your “comfort zone”. Of course with the current job market being what it has been, it is easy to be hesitant to step out and see what is available. Sometimes, we just need a nudge. That is where Kirk McIntyre and Chris Gregg with the Fortus Group came in and helped me step out of my comfort zone. Not only was I offered an opportunity to further my career as a Dialysis Nurse, but I also was offered a wage 25% more than I had been making. It appeared that with my years of experience, dependability, and loyal work to my former employer I was still being paid under the market value for a dialysis nurse. I am grateful to Kirk and Chris for giving me an opportunity to move ahead with a brighter and more rewarding future.

“Thank you, too, everyone at Fortus Group.”

Tammy RN

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