As you pursue a career in nursing, or another healthcare related field, what has been your experience with mentors? If you haven’t been working with a mentor, you may be missing out on a fantastic resource for knowledge and advice. As you continue on your career path, begin to think about other medical professionals who have influenced you and how they have helped you reach your goals. Here are some of the benefits of working with a career mentor.

  • Helps you cultivate networking skills. At first, it can be intimidating to reach out to people you admire to talk to them about their experiences. You may feel like you’re being too intrusive or that you might come on too strong. You may be worried that your actions might be misinterpreted. Communication on this level is an important life skill, so brush up your networking skills and go talk to them.
  • Learn from their experiences and expertise. Once you have established relationships, you can talk with them about their backgrounds. How did they get started? What was their career paths? How did they find their current jobs? What success stories can they share? What did failures teach them? Ask if you can shadow them on their jobs for one day or just a couple of hours.
  • Provide valuable advice when you’re stuck. Mentors can be a resource if you are feeling stuck in your own career. They have almost certainly had the same feelings you are having, so find out how they handled those situations. They can give you real world advice to help you kick start things again.
  • Become part of your accountability group. One of the most valuable reasons to cultivate mentor relationships is to keep you accountable. Have a person, or group of people, you can go to when you want to make sure you get a project done. Share the information and the details and have them keep you on track. Let them remind you about the project or ask you for updates regularly.

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