Recruiters can help you connect with the opportunity of your dreams. In a recent post,  provides advice for getting noticed by recruiters. The writer spoke with Andy Barberio, senior account executive in our Perioperative and ASC Division for some insight. Barberio notes that tenure and a positive personality are marketable traits.

Here’s an excerpt:

Highlight your tenure

If you’ve got staying power, promote it, says Andy Barberio, account executive at Fortus Healthcare Resources. “I always look at tenure — tenure is really big. When you find somebody that’s been with an organization for a long time or has helped build it up, they are marketable. Switching jobs every year or year and a half over a five to six year period doesn’t present the best on a resume.”

Let yourself shine

Barberio says you can’t teach personality, but if you have it, flaunt it. “Personality and fit and being able to relate to staff is tough,” but it’s what recruiters are looking for. Some positions just require “a special kind of person,” he explains, and recruiters will try to get a feel for who you are when they are meeting with you. Being yourself will help the recruiter find the best fit for you and your skills.

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