Before travel nurses begin their first assignment, they should always do their research. There are many different travel companies throughout this industry, and each and every one of them has something different to offer.  Throughout the last few weeks, Fortus has had an onslaught of nurses turning to Fortus recruiters for assignments. While we may know what we have to offer, we were curious to find out what nurses valued most about us.

Below is a Q&A with one of our loyal Fortus Travelers, Nikeeda.  Nikki has been traveling exclusively with Fortus for two years, and has always been one of our best spokespersons!  In researching what qualities about Fortus attract our nurses and technicians, we called Nikki to do a quick Q&A about her Fortus history.


Q: How long have you been traveling?  Out of that time, how long have you been with us?

A: Four years total. Two years with Fortus.


Q: What made you decide to switch to us?

A: The availability of assignments.


Q: What has kept you with Fortus?

A: Fortus has been keeping us on the road with great [assignment] locations!


Q: What do you feel is our best quality?

A: My recruiter is always reachable. It’s important for travelers to feel that they can reach their recruiters.


Q: Is there something that Fortus has that you feel other companies do not?

A:  You make us comfortable. Instead of just sending us on location with no car or lacking amenities, you do your best to accommodate all the needs of a traveler.


Q: Do you recommend our Agency to other nurses?

A: Oh yeah!


Q: How did you hear about Fortus Travel?

A: Via the Internet.


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