When working with travel nurses, or other temporary staff, it is important to understand how to make their short term assignment a success. If you’re ready to bring in someone on a temporary basis, how can you improve their experience? Here are a few ways you can help to make the transition smoother for the traveler and your current staff.

  1. Have a place and tools available. So many times a company is not fully prepared when the temporary employee shows up to work on their first day. They may have to wait for equipment or a place in the office. This can impact their perception of your organization and influence their entire experience. When you schedule a temporary employee begin the infrastructure process immediately. Make sure that they have access to everything they need from the moment they arrive.
  2. Assign a mentor to show them the ropes. Your current staff is experienced and knowledgeable, so engage them to ensure that the temporary employee is comfortable on site. Pairing a temp with a seasoned employee will also help alleviate any feelings that their own job may be on the chopping block. Assure everyone that the temporary employee is there to make their jobs easier. The trusted employee can show them around the facility and answer any questions about how things are run.
  3. Provide them access to information. Your travel nurse may only be with your organization for a short time, but they require full access to your facility to provide quality care.  Share your company culture and any information they need to be effective on the job. You want them to feel invested even if they will be moving on when their assignment is over.
  4. Maintain communication with the agency. It is very important that you remain diligent about reporting back to your staffing provider about the travel nurse’s performance. Feel free to offer immediate feedback to the employee, but maintain communications with the recruiter as well. Since they are not on site with their travel nurses, you can help them understand their abilities and experience.

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