Are you in the market for a healthcare job opportunity and don’t know where to start? There are advantages of working with a staffing agency who can help you determine the right fit for your career path. Here are some of the reasons that partnering with Fortus Healthcare Resources can help you find just what you’re looking for.

  • International healthcare staffing. As a resource company that specializes in healthcare opportunities, such as travel nursing, we have relationships with facilities throught the country and internationally. Not only can we offer you a chance at a new career. we can provide the keys to your next adventure. You will have a customized employment package, round the clock concierge services, a single point of service, and many additional benefits.
  • Flexibility. Fortus can offer you a lot of room for flexibility in your job and career. Many other more traditional employment routes will not be able to provide this level of choice for your experience. Understanding that nurses and other healthcare professionals are in high demand, our  staff can help you find exactly the right job for you.
  • Expanded healthcare network. You can spend years building up your personal network through industry events or online resources such as LinkedIn. Even if you have hundreds of contacts within your network, there is not guarantee they will be ready or able to make a hiring decision for their facility. Fortus has a built-in network of hospitals and other facilities who need qualified healthcare professionals right now. Tap into our network and let us do the work.
  • The ability to sell your skills. Our recruiters and administrators have one primary job: to help our talent pool find jobs. We have the ability to share your skills and qualifications with our clients and explain why  you are a good fit for their opportunity. This is a much more successful process than simply sending a resume or an application to an unknown source and waiting for a response.

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